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Americans will never understand Cricket. The British can’t grasp American Football. What makes MMA so great is that every single man on the planet gets it immediately. It’s just two guys beating each other up in a cage.”
Lorenzo Fertitta – UFC CEO
The MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is the fastest growing sport in the world. The most complete fighting sport, because it mixes up all the martial arts and combat sports in a unique discipline. Inside the cage, you can hit with punches, elbows, kicks, knees as well as going to the ground and work for submissions. MMA athletes are the most complete fighters, because they have to know every single aspect of a fight. Two years of work which have been filled with more than twenty different MMA events. A way to expose the public to this discipline not only from sports’ point of view. It isn’t just a fight, there are other aspects which spectators wouldn’t know about: I have followed the athletes’ training. I have stalked them to the changing rooms before their match. I have portrayed their ways of preparing, focusing, praying and empowering themselves. I have followed them to the cage and back, far away from the limelight. The joy of the winners, the grief and tears of the defeated, the first aid support.
A fighting sport, as extreme as fascinating that deserved to be deeply explored and portrayed as never done before.

© 2014 Andrea Roversi